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Inaugural Evenings


An original work inspired by The West Wing, this 10-minute play follows the President and First-Lady as they face their first challenge just hours after being inaugurated. 

The roles being auditioned are:​

Charlie (M/F, early 20s) - The personal aide to the president. Strong sense of honor and loyalty.

Jim (M 40s/50s) - The newly inaugurated president. Folksy charm, professorial.

Penelope (F 40s/50s) - The First Lady, very protective of her family, full of wisdom and wit.

The script is roughly 10-minutes in length. 

The rehearsal process will be four 2-hour rehearsals followed by a filmed staged reading. 

This production will be a part of Cardboard Cinema Productions' Summer Staged Reading Series. These roles are not paid and are non-equity. This production will be directed by Brandon Lindsey. 

For this audition, please select 1 monologue​ that represents both comedy and drama. These characters are witty and love words, and we would encourage audition material that reflected that.

The expectation of the actors is to attend 2 rehearsals via Zoom and 2 in-person rehearsals, as well as the in-person performance. 

Rehearsal Schedule:

  • July 20th, 6:30pm-9:00pm, via Zoom

  • July 22nd, 6:30pm-9:00pm, via Zoom

  • July 27th, 6:30pm-9:00pm, in-person. Rehearsal location TBA.

  • July 29th, 6:30pm-9:00pm, in-person. Rehearsal location TBA.

The performance will take place on July 31st, the location is TBA. 

In your audition video:

  • Please slate with your name and which character you are auditioning for.

  • Please keep video submissions no longer than 2 minutes.

To submit audition material:

  1. Record your audition piece.

  2. Make sure the recording is in mp4. format before sending.

  3. Email CCPro @ with the following attached:

    • Your resume​

    • Your most recent headshot

    • Your audition piece as an attached file. If the file is too large, you may send a link via Google Drive. 

    • In the subject line, please write your name followed by "Auditions for Inaugural Evenings."

Auditions open on May 29th and run through June 5th.