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Hi, I'm Brandon Lindsey...

...and it's about damn time I got around to making this website. Honestly. I've bounced between so many web-hosting services one might think I wasn't the settling-down type. But it happened. I put a ring on it. This amorphous anthology should, in it's intended use, properly categorize the majority of my projects, be it theatrical, literary, photographic, or, (should I ever gather all of my collective creative energy into one, kinetic effort), noodle-art.  Rest assured, dear friends, I plan on using this beauty of a website for good. It is among these glorious drop-down menus that you can learn about my life as an actor, writer, and producer in the Austin, Texas area. Though, if you ever find yourself drinking a beer with me at Easy Tiger, I will undoubtedly bend over backward explaining that I'm only an actor so I can meet other actors to convince them to do my own shows. Stay posted, friends, I'll let you know when that feat is accomplished. I do what I can for others because honestly, that is how good art is made. If this website leaves an impression with you, I sincerely hope it is that I am only able to pursue the creation of art by the grace of God and the talent and generosity of my friends and colleagues. I hope you enjoy my art. 

Why Cardboard Cinema Productions?

Well, I came up with the idea back in my sophomore year of high school when I was directing my first play, Reilly's War. I wanted to be professional and have a name for my production company, and I read somewhere that a company name should represent how you view the world. Raise your hand if you ever played in a cardboard box as a kid. Let's see...1...2... yeah, that's a couple of you out there. The freedom to make a cardboard box into a pirate ship or a castle was so simple but so inspiring. As we all did, I grew up. The cardboard box became a stage or a camera. The imagination of a child was molded into stories I wanted to share. Over the latter end of my teenage years and throughout my young adulthood, I've searched for a way to describe how the imagery of a cardboard box translates into the art I pursue. I always seem to come back to the same throughline: inspiration. I've chased the next mote of inspiration like it was my next meal. If you know me, you'll understand what I mean when I say my greatest hobby is playing hopscotch with artistic pursuits. If I'm not in the middle of writing five different plays I get anxious. But it never occurred to me that I was just chasing the pursuit of an inspiring story. I wanted to be knee-deep in a web of characters or at a rehearsal surrounded by my friends and their artistic voice. I wanted to wake up to a laundry list of artistic endeavors I could pick up and carry with me throughout the day. I wanted to turn back the cynicism that I had confused for maturation and rediscover the wonders of imagination run wild. Cardboard Cinema Productions represents the lens through which I perceive the world, and I see that is all starts with inspiration.